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Establishment of Institute of Food Science and Technology

The establishment of Institute of Food Science and Technology that would comprised of eight departments would provide room for application of food technology in handling, processing, and packaging of foods to cope with the challenges of rapidly growing food industry in new millennium. There has been significant development in establishment of food industry during last two decades and consequently the demand of Food Technology graduates has increased tremendously. During the previous decade, many advances have emerged in the processing, preservation, product development and quality assurance techniques. Therefore, it is imperative to strengthen this department to meet the present day challenges of food industries. At present, no institute exists pertaining to food science and technology discipline in the Southern Punjab. The proposed Institute of Food Science and Technology will comprise of following sections described herein. • Cereals and Pulses
• Dairy Technology
• Meat Technology
• Fruits and Vegetable Processing
• Oil and Sugar Technology
• Food Microbiology and Biotechnology
• Dietetics and Human nutrition
• Food Safety and Quality Management
• Food Engineering

Launching different degree programs

1. MS/M. Phil Dairy Technology
2. MS/M. Phil Meat Technology
3. BS Human Nutrition and Dietetics (4 Years degree program)
4. M. Phil Human Nutrition
5. M. Phil Clinical Nutrition

Establishment of Center of Excellence in Human Nutrition

The Southern Punjab is one of the neglected areas in Pakistan lacking the basic research facilities in the field of Food Science/Food Nutrition. 1. Widespread nutritional disorders
2. Protein energy malnutrition
3. Micronutrients deficiencies
4. Toxicants ingestion owing to pesticide and chemical adducts formations
5. Pollution and environmental factors