Note:Admission Open


Department of Food Science and Technology has state of the art laboratories for Food Analysis, Food Microbiology, Cereal Processing, Food Biotechnology, Dairy Technology and Fruits and Vegetables Processing. The department is equipped with high-tech instruments that are absolutely functional and in operation for research activities. Among the major equipments, the department has following work facilities that are also extended to all students and scholars of university:-

  1. Atomic absorption spectrometer
  1. Double beam spectrophotometer
  1. ELISA Reader and Washer
  1. Gel Electrophoresis
  1. Gel Electrophoresis
  1. Kjeltech assembly and Kjeldhal apparatus
  1. Complete Fibertech assembly
  1. Hot air oven
  1. Rotary Evaporator
  1. Hi-Teck Incubator
  1. Upright freezer (upto -80˚C)
  1. Laminar air flow
  1. Colony counter
  1. Compound microscope
  1. Orbital shaker
  1. Centrifuge machines of various specifications (~14000rpm)
  1. pH meter
  1. Electronic balance (four decimal with weighing capacity upto 1mg)
  1. Muffle furnace
  1. Flame-photometer
  1. Water bath
  1. Gerber machine
  1. Funke gerber machine
  1. Milk analyser
  1. Vortex mixer
  1. Water distillation apparatus
  1. Deionizer
  1. Baking oven, proofer, sheeter, mixer and slicer
  1. Pasteurizer, homogenizer, and filling tank
  1. Pulpers and Fine Pulpers (Mango, Citrus, Guava, Tomato)