Note:Admission Open

Message From Chancellor

Southern Punjab constitutes a major segment of the province with its unique blend of substantial capacity for mango production, livestock and dairy production and cotton crop. Dairy and livestock is by far the largest sector in Pakistan and seems to be a vital component to contribute towards economic stability in the country. To achieve higher targets in these sectors and to meet the present day challenges, the presence of the Department of Food Science and Technology at Bahauddin Zakariya University sounds to be a fresh breath of air amongst the existing collection of the disciplines in Agricultural Sciences. As we know that a sizable portion of Pakistani population has been living below poverty line. Malnutrition and lack of food supply aggravates poverty. Similarly, the post-harvest losses of many agriculture crops are high thereby, resulting in economic instability at individual and national level. It is encouraging that Department of Food Science and Technology is completely equipped to train the farmers in foods processing, preservation and value addition. The students graduating in Food Science and Technology will cater the need for skilled manpower required by food industry in Pakistan. Moreover, I do appreciate the efforts of Dr. Saeed Akhtar, the founder member of the Department of Food Science and Technology, to promote this area of specialization in South Punjab. I am further pleased to state that the way this Department has been flourishing, it will certainly turn out to be an Institute of Food Science and Technology in a very short time span.